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Beyers coffee is a key player in the ‘private label’ coffee business within central Europe. Their ultimate goal is to become a privileged supplier based on cost leadership, marketing support and social responsibility.


Beyers Coffee is offsetting the emissions from all of its roasting activities for several years now. Almost 2.200 tCO2e caused by the combustion of natural gas for roasting activities in 2019 was offset this year.


Moreover, Beyers coffee is also offsetting the full cradle to gate emissions of its own coffee brands (Fortisimo, Metropole, Café Deluxe). This includes all lifecycle stage for the production of roasted coffee that is ready to use by customers (cradle to gate), including the production of green coffee beans (agriculture), transport, packaging and energy consumption.


Besides its own coffee brands, Beyers also succeeds in convincing more and more of their private label customers to produce CO2 neutral coffee (cradle to gate).


In total, another amount of 7.695 tCO2e has been offset to cover the production of CO2 neutral coffee for 2020.


Beyers supports our Gold Standard Cookstoves projects to offset those emissions and offer customers CO2 neutral coffee.


Note that in the past years, Beyers has also done quite some efforts to reduce it’s own emissions, including:


  • Limitation of emissions from company cars (encourage the use of electric and hybrid cars)
  • Installation of an energy efficient roaster
  • Installation of LED lighting in the production hall


Other actions are under investigation, such as installation of solar panels on the new hall.


CO2logic and Beyers are partners since 6 years now and have together saved almost 45.000 tCO2e !

Sector: Food & Beverage