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"By adopting the CO2 Neutral label, you choose to take responsibility for the true impact of your CO2 emissions instead of shifting it to society and future generations." - CO2logic

Why certify?


The need for ambitious climate action has never been more urgent. Setting ambitious commitments to lower emissions is critical to ensure the long term sustainability of your activities.

Climate action is a journey that requires a tailored approach. However, many climate certification systems do not make the distinction between different stages of commitments. They also can lack neutrality if the criteria is not verified by an independent, accredited third party. Without accurate information and transparency, these systems can mislead the public and even contribute to the unfortunate practice of greenwashing.

This is why we have launched the CO2 Neutral label, which recognizes every step organizations take to reduce their negative environmental impact and makes their efforts visible to the public. Our ambitious 5-step approach helps organizations raise the bar on their climate commitments while helping consumers make informed and impactful choices.


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Every CO2 Neutral label is accompanied by a QR code to bring more transparency to your climate commitments. When scanned, a link will open to a dedicated page that shares key information about the label, including: the carbon footprinting scope, reduction plan target, financing climate projects and longer term ambitions. The QR code offers an in-depth look at each organisations progress in reducing emissions and sets a postive example for others to follow.



To ensure full accountability, we have added an external audit as an additonal step of the CO2 Neutral certification process. All applications will be submitted to Vinçotte (Member of Group Kiwa), and independent third part, whol will validated that all requirements have been met before met before awarding the label.


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The CO2 Neutral label