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CO2logic is the first Belgian organisation to join the UN’s ‘Climate Neutral Now’ initiative


CO2logic is Belgium’s first company who joined the UN ‘Climate Neutral Now’ initiative to further support global climate action. “CO2logic is honoured to be approached by the UNFCCC to join & lead the Climate Neutral Now initiative in Belgium”, said Antoine Geerinckx, Managing Director of CO2logic.


In line with the CO2logic approach (calculate, reduce & offset) we have developed since 2007, ‘Climate Neutral Now’ seeks to inspire individuals and organisations and to recognise them for their contribution to climate change action, becoming part of the momentum created by the global climate agreement achieved in Paris & Marrakesh over the two last December’s.


As a company with profound understanding of the challenge that climate change represents and the opportunities that our society has to respond to that challenge and turn it into an opportunity, CO2logic has again committed to contribute to global climate neutrality by reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions and compensating the remaining emissions with a share of UN-certified climate credits (next to our priority choice for Gold Standard certified climate projects). CO2logic clients will also be invited to integrate a share of high quality UN-certified climate credits.


Climate Neutral Now addresses the core of the Paris Agreement promise: a climate neutral society by mid-century, to ensure that we stay below the 2 degrees Celsius target. The initiative encourages organisations and individuals to do more than just take-on the cost efficient energy actions. Serious climate action also requires taking on responsibility for the remaining CO2 emissions, and not transferring the impacts & costs to future generations. This is why CO2-Neutrality is so important…


Since our choice to integrate also a share of UNFCCC climate projects, Gold Standard and the UNFCCC have announced a strategic partnership on SDG and more.