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CO2logic receives its Forum Ethibel certification again


Forum ETHIBEL has issued a new certificate for CO2logic & its CO2 offsetting programme. To this end Forum ETHIBEL has performed an independent audit of the financial and procedural aspects of its CO2 accounting.


More specifically Forum ETHIBEL has verified whether the funds that were collected to carry out the CO2 reduction services are used in accordance with the Offsetting Code of CO2logic. Moreover Forum ETHIBEL have examined the truthfulness of the announced CO2 neutrality in the certificates that CO2logic awarded to companies, projects and individuals.


The verification of the financial year 2017 demonstrated again that the compensation contributions consigned to CO2logic are reinvested in compliance with its objectives and the guidelines stipulated in the code of conduct. Secondly we confirm that CO2logic manages in a correct and transparent manner the CO2 accounting of its CO2 reduction credits.