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The Corporate Carbon Pricing Tool


Increasing carbon regulation through taxes, emissions trading schemes, and fossil fuel extraction fees will feature prominently in global efforts to address climate change, with carbon prices already implemented in 40 countries and 20 cities and regions. Average carbon prices could increase more than sevenfold to USD $120 per metric ton by 2030, as regulations aim to limit the average global temperature increase to 2°C, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.


To help our clients understand their exposure, CO2logic and Naturalogic have entered an exclusive partnership with Trucost allowing us to quantify current pricing schemes in over 130 regions together with potential future carbon pricing scenarios required to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. Business analytics assess the potential impact of future carbon prices on key financial metrics and competitiveness.


With The Corporate Carbon Pricing Tool you can:

  • Set a range of internal carbon prices aligned to regional policy trends, across the enterprise or regional activities
  • Prioritize low-carbon innovation where it matters most
  • Benchmark carbon regulation risk exposure against key competitors
  • Conduct a 2° stress test against rising carbon prices and respond to investor expectations
  • Understand current and future financial implications of carbon regulation risk on operating costs and margins