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Context: Belgium, 2014


Challenge: To reduce the ecological footprint of the headquarters as much as possible, in order to eventually become CO₂-neutral.


Partnership: Life insurer Delta Lloyd Life takes its CSR very serious by taking up a tangible sustainability policy. Delta Lloyd Life partnered with CO2logic that provided a baseline assessment to obtain objective outcomes. After having measured the CO₂-emissions, based on the obtained numbers, a robust action plan was developed to diminish the CO₂-footprint in the forthcoming months. Today, most employees commute by public transport, the company switched to green energy, FSC paper, a decline of the number of print-outs, UTZ-certified coffee…


Results: To perform even better, the insurer will continue to stress teleworking or low-impact company cars. To obtain the CO₂-neutral label, a UNFCCC-certified offsetting project in India was selected, installing four mini-hydro units and providing a whole region with sustainable electricity and contributing the local economic development. Thanks to the efforts Delta Lloyd Life obtained the Brussels Label for Ecodynamic Company. 

Sector: Services