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Door and windows manufacturer Engls NV renews CO2 Neutral label once again this year


Engels NV has renewed its CO2 Neutral label for the 5th year in a row. The CO2 Neutral label guarantees that Engels NV has its CO2 emissions calculated and makes efforts to reduce their impact on the climate. The remaining CO2 emissions, estimated at 281 tonnes CO2e, is offset by Engels NV by supporting the Saving Trees climate project.


Saving Trees is a Gold Standard certified climate project that produces ecological and efficient cookstoves which not only reduce CO2 emissions and deforestations, but also contribute to other UN Sustainable Development Goals such as improved health and employment for the local population.  “In addition to our local efforts, we bear a global responsibility in a global economy. Offsetting our remaining CO2 emissions and climate impact is our responsibility. We do not want to pass this down to society or future generations,” says Didier Engels, CEO of Engels Ramen & Deuren.