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Eating Point obtains the label "CO2Neutral catering"!


More than just a catering service, Eating Point is a catering service that offers not only original formulas with a healthy and environmentally friendly diet but also henceforth proposes a CO2 neutral catering service. Indeed, the Eating Point team is delighted to announce that their catering service is now certified totally CO2 neutral by obtaining the "CO2Neutral Catering" label.


To become CO2-neutral, the company has calculated its GHG emissions, which includes direct sources of emissions (electricity, natural gas and company vehicles) and indirect sources including menus offered to its customers, dishes used during its events, home-work staff commuting, and the waste generated by its activities.


Eating Point limits its impact on the climate through the exclusive use of plates made from renewable and biodegradable materials, recyclable lunchboxes, and ensuring to offer menus made up of local or seasonal foods up to 75%.

Despite these efforts, Eating Point still generates so-called "incompressible" emissions. In order to take their responsibility and not delay their impact on future generations, Eating Point decided to offset the emissions they cannot reduce and thus, become CO2 neutral by supporting Gold Standard certified climate project. Eating Point has chosen to support a climate project that delivers efficient cook stoves. These are cooking systems that require less wood and/or charcoal regulate better the heat of cooking and emit less toxic fumes improving health of women and children who are generally the first victims. Through carbon offsetting, Eating Point has helped to distribute 41 cook stoves and improve living conditions of dozens of families.