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A year ago, CO2logic decided to launch Greentripper, the platform that helps travellers limit their impact on the climate. For a small amount, travellers can neutralize the CO2 impact of their flight or the mileage they drive and support a (certified) project for the climate through concrete action.


Thanks to you, we have managed to avoid a total quantity of 900 tonnes of CO2 in one year climate projects in Africa.  This is the equivalent to 180 balls of the Atomium, and we wish to thank you!


We have to encourage more people to take this step towards CO2 neutrality. It does not matter whether  you are a businessman, tourist, athlete, adventurer, city-tripper, etc.  If you want to travel ecologically, you can. Those who take the plane to Spain, Greece, Turkey or Portugal, for instance, will pay between €3 and €5 per person (exclusive of VAT). This represents in general less than 5% of the average cost of a flight ticket.


Greentripper has also developed an infography that help make the right choices for optimally sustainable travel. Offsetting your travel online for a small supplement is also part of sustainable tourism solutions!