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Context: Europe, 2014-


Challenge: To continue offsetting the carbon footprint of several hundreds of car parks across Europe in the years to come.


Partnership: Interparking is one of the major players in the European parking field with a strong presence in over 300 cities. The company continues to challenge itself by combining innovation and permanent improvement of its services while preserving the environment. In 2014, the company’s  activities in Germany, Poland and Spain were given the CO₂-neutral certification, which bring the number of countries in which Interparking is certified “CO₂-neutral” to 9. To continue its CO₂-neutral engagement for a longer period of time, Interparking embarked on a new carbon offsetting project in 2016. The Wanrou initiative makes more efficient wood stoves available to the local population in Africa in order to prevent deforestation.


Results: In the past few years, Interparking took several measures to reduce electrical consumption, maximise recycling and exploit renewable energy sources. Currently, these measures are focusing on actions as: switching to green electricity contracts in more and more car parks, more teleconferences to reduce travel requirements and switching a portion of the vehicle fleet to encompass low-polluting cars. To offset the remaining footprint, over 5,000 efficient woodstoves have been distributed across Africa, reducing deforestation, increasing children’s health and creating jobs at the same time. 

Sector: Services