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“How sustainability can help hone your talent agenda” (Bain Study)



“For companies across industries and geographies, the Bain survey reinforces how sustainable practices have become an important means of attracting and motivating top talent. Yet many companies are missing the opportunity to engage their employees, especially their enthusiasts, to full potential. Only one-third of survey respondents characterized their own employer as a clear leader that has fully incorporated sustainable practices, with one-fifth saying their companies have made few or no efforts in this area.


What sustainability leaders are doing 


Employee attitudes have changed in part because of greater awareness of corporate role models—those companies that apply employee skills and knowledge to embed sustainability throughout the organization.

In recent years, forward-thinking companies have increasingly involved employees in designing and implementing their programs. When managed well, such programs not only improve financial results, they also pay dividends in greater employee loyalty and engagement. At Intel, for instance, involvement in sustainability and corporate responsibility programs is likely one reason that the share of employees who would recommend Intel as a great place to work has risen from 61% in 2007 to 83% in 2011, the latest data available.”


Source: Bain