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The Port of Brussels confirms its commitment to the climate

For the third year in a row, the Port of Brussels has confirmed its commitment to the climate by renewing the “CO2 neutral company” label. The Port therefore remains the only CO2 neutral port in Belgium and has been since 2018. To do this, the Port of Brussels has reduced its emissions compared to previous years and offset incompressible emissions by financing the «Gold Standard Safe Water Supply Uganda Project».

The Port of Brussels has also chosen to broaden the scope for calculating its CO2 emissions. Thus, new emissions categories have been taken into account as of this year, in order to be ever more exhaustive and to find new ways of reducing emissions. Emissions from the Port's waste, home-work travel by its employees, and the production of photovoltaic electricity on the site are therefore now included in their carbon accounting.

From this year, the Port of Brussels is also encouraging the reduction of emissions in the greater port area. Port of Brussels offers its concessionaires the possibility to calculate their GHG emissions and reduce them by providing a carbon expert. The remaining carbon footprint can then be compensated. The Port is therefore stepping up a gear, allowing concessionaires who so wish to reduce their impact and become CO2-Neutral.

Sector: Industry