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Sodexo offers on-site services (catering, reception, conciergerie, cleaning, etc.), and is a big player on the market of vouchers (e.g. lunch pass, ecocheques, etc.). In the past CO2logic has been working with Sodexo on the climate impact of their on-site services of their own headquarter. As a result of this project, the on-site services have become carbon neutral. Last year however, they went a step further and have been working on the total emissions of the headquarters, as well for on-site services as for the benefits and reward (voucher) departments. After a calculations and a set of workshops, Sodexo Belgium decided to set itself a very ambitious reduction target of almost 50% by 2025 and 75% by 2030. A very big part of the reduction efforts focus on mobility. They also decided that while engaging in this process, they already wanted to become carbon neutral for their headquarters as of this year. Therefore they have offset 2418 tCO2 with the cookstove project in China, converting the combustion of coal in inefficient and polluting stoves to efficient stoves using agricultural waste (e.g. corn residues). This corresponds to the Offsetting of the CO2 emissions resulting from all activities (scope 1, 2 & 3) provided at the headquarter (Boulevard de la Plaine 15, 1050 Bruxelles) including Facility Services (Food Services, Vending, Reception, Conciergerie, Hygiene & Cleaning, Support & Mailroom, Meeting Room Management, Technical Maintenance & Energy services, Infrastructure Management), Benefits & Rewards Services (production, transport et management of paper and electronic vouchers) as well as the mobility of their employees.

Sector: Services