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Stakeholder feedback round Ecomakala-Virunga climate project


Since more than two decades, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) promotes various activities in Nord Kivu in order to protect the Virunga National Park in DRC and alleviate poverty in the surrounding communities. One of these activities, is the project “EcoMakala”, which aims to improve the charcoal sector in the province of North Kivu while reducing deforestation. For this, three main activities are being implemented: (i) reforestation with fast growing species, (ii) production of improved cookstoves, and (iii) production of sustainable charcoal. The “EcoMakala Virunga Reforestation” project refers to the first activity, while the “EcoMakala Virunga Energy” project relates to the last two activities, under the modality of energy efficiency and substitution. CO2logic will certify both projects under the Gold Standard in order to extend the EcoMakala project to other communities.


As part of the Gold Standard project cycle and as a follow up to the Local Stakeholder Consultation meetings held on October 14th, 2016 at hotel Mbiza in Goma, DRC and December 07th, 2016 at hotel Rêve in Butembo, we want to initiate the stakeholder feedback round (SFR) for both projects ‘EcoMakala Virunga Energy Project’ and ‘EcoMakala Virunga Reforestation Project’. 


CO2logic and WWF-DRC invite all stakeholders to provide feedback on the documentation associated with the two projects cited above. Please send your remarks on the documents before the 03rd of October 2017 to the following contact points: or


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Related documents for “EcoMakala Virunga Reforestation Project”:


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