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Context: Belgium, 2014-2015


Challenge: To map the CO₂-emissions of the Belgium office and strive for complete CO₂-neutrality


Partnership: In 2014, Stibbe – a renowned Dutch law firm with offices worldwide, partnered with CO2logic to make her Brussels division CO₂-neutral. Although Stibbe has already made a lot of effort to minimize its impact on the environment, it was ready to walk the extra mile to claim complete CO₂-neutrality. In order to do so, it stimulated the use of the car-sharing service Cambio as well as public transport, it introduced teleconferencing as an alternative to long-distance travel for high-level meetings and integrated energy efficiency management in the office.


Results: On top of its energy-saving efforts, a project was selected to provide an Indian village with clean electricity using a mini-hydro project, simultaneously providing clean water for agricultural purposes. In 2015, the energy-saving measures were audited again and the Brussels office managed to reduce once more its emissions with 7% compared to 2014. 

Sector: Services