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TED-esque Spring @ CO2logic: How Can We Save the Planet?


In this TEDxColumbiaUniversity talk,Brohé, discusses the staggering benefits of carbon accounting in a global effort to save the planet from warming. In 2017, we, humans, emitted 40 billion metric tons of CO2, a volume large enough to fill 8 billion Olympic-sized swimming pools full of carbon dioxide! We now understand that these emissions are disrupting our climate and fragile ecosystems.  Discover what we think is the number one method for change and become climate optimists.


One Ocean apart, at TEDxULB (Brussels), Antoine Geerinkx, founder of CO2Logic, gave another inspiring talk where he presents his 7 planet saving principles with a yummy cookie jar analogy. In a few words, the cookie jar is our planet, the cookies are the services provided by ‘mother earth’ (such as clean air, clean water, fertile & healthy soil, rich biodiversity…) and the cookie jar is surrounded by kids. You’ve probably guessed it, the kids represent our society… as we keep taking more cookies than we give back and the cookie jar empties very quickly, our planet, climate and ecosystems are plundered, disrupted and not restored. To avoid further decline here  a few planet saving principles to apply if we do not want to end up with an empty cookie jar/planet.