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Tiipaalga consultation


Dear stakeholder,


As part of the Gold Standard project certification cycle the Association tiipaalga together with its carbon consultant partner CO2logic is pleased to invite you as stakeholder to provide comments on the design change relating the F3PA cookstove project in Bam/Loroum in Burkina Faso, also known as VPA-01 to 10 under PoA GS1340 Efficient cookstoves in Burkina Faso.


The project, already operational since 2015, promotes the distribution and utilisation of the F3PA efficient woodstove in the 8 municipalities of Bourzanga, Rollo, Tikaré, Kongoussi, Guibaré, Nasséré, Sabcé and Rouko in the province of Bam and the municipality of Ouindigui in the province of Loroum. The project would like to extend the lifetime of the project stove F3PA from 5 to 10 years. In addition, the project is willing to change the project boundary of each of the 10 VPA's from one or two specific municipalities to all of the nine municipalities of the grouped VPA's VPA-01 to 10. The PDD’s of each VPA can be found below, as well as the design change note describing the impact of the changes on additionality, project scale, applicability of the methodology, stakeholder feedback on design change, sustainable development assessment, monitoring and reporting plan and legislation.  

You are welcomed to contact Association tiipaalga ( or CO2logic ( by Email or by phone (+226 70 26 22 29 or +32 497 05 31 36) in case additional information of further explanation are necessary. 


Please provide comments/feedback on the documents by September 30st, 2020.

Design Change Memo and PDD documents Tiipaalga