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Turn sustainability into a game!


Gamification is hot, no doubt about it. Companies such as Nike, Siemens, Dell, eBay and Cisco are investing heavily in it. Games are powerful tools that can engage users on a higher level. That is why we joined forces with For Good.     


For Good developed the Challenge, a sustainability game where teams compete with one another to save as much CO2 as possible. The participants use a mobile app and a website to achieve this. The app calculates their footprint and helps them make more ecological choices. The website keeps them up to date on the team results. 


Apart from reducing your CO2, you are actively engaging employees in your company's ecological mission. Some of them might even turn into real ambassadors. Sustainability will therefore become so much more than some vague term. Instead, it will reach people at all levels in your company.  


Antoine Geerinckx, CEO CO2logic: “We have been helping organisations for over 10 years calculating and reducing their climate impact. This is generally a top-down approach because we are working with CEOs, CSR managers or a “green team” but we believe that in combination with the bottom-up approach of For Good, we can accelerate climate actions and CO2 reductions.”


Last year two companies of the Adecco Group reduced their CO2 by 15% via a Challenge. If every Belgian would obtain the same results, Belgium would be able to achieve its climate goals. 


How does a Challenge work? Check the video. 


Would you also like to do a Challenge with your company, organisation, city? 


Contact us now to find out if a Challenge works for you:  


Contact @ CO2logic: Antoine Geerinckx (CEO): +32478413007

Contact @ For-Good :  Barbara Van Cauwelaert: +32 473 24 17 15