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What we do

Our climate journey

Our climate journey

Since 2007, we have worked with businesses & governments across the globe to help realise deep decarbonisation pathways. Our approach is designed to support our clients on every step of their transition, based on a thorough understanding of climate risks and opportunities in specific sectors, in line with the highest emission reduction standards and supporting high quality certified climate projects.

Together, we accelerate the transition to a climate-smart society

Tailored solutions

All organisations face different environmental challenges, specific certifications, regulations, reporting, declarations or sector-related accreditation needs. Luckily most certifications (Breeam, Lean & Green, C2C, CO2 Neutral, Leed…) and declarations (EPD, CO2-prestatieladder, CDP, ISO…)  require similar entry-points or assessments. 

Our climate projects

CO2logic has built important expertise in the assessment & development of climate projects. Supporting climate projects through the offsetting of your organization’s  remaining emissions is the third complementary step for a robust climate strategy. 

Case studies

CO2-neutral water bottles

CO2logic has been chosen to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment of Valvert’s water bottles. The aim of the analysis was to give the company a full insight into its products’ impact on the environment, but also to assist Valvert in the identification of the most relevant improvement possibilities, which would lead to significant environmental benefits.

A “cradle-to-grave” LCA has been carried out, including all life cycle stages from the raw materials production to the end-of-life treatment. Benefits and loads beyond the system have also been assessed.

CO2-neutral operations

Orange Belgium has been measuring and reducing its carbon footprint together with independent climate consultancy firm CO2logic since 2009, long before the Paris Agreement.

In 2019, Orange Belgium emitted 7.318 tCO2e of greenhouse gasses. This corresponds to 3.064 return flights Brussels-New York, 723 times driving around the world with an average car, or 1.257 ha of new forest needed to capture the same emission in one year. 

shipping company

Anglo-Eastern is a world leading in ship management company, having headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices around the world (a.o. Singapore, Antwerp, Shanghai and Mumbai). They manage a diverse fleet of vessels worldwide and offer maritime training. As industry pioneer, Anglo Eastern has now committed to actively reduce their climate impact and became a CO2-Neutral neutral company.