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Context: Credendo Group Offsetting Offices Corporate Carbon Footprint FY2019



After several years of calculating and monitoring its corporate carbon footprint, Credendo has decided in 2019 to start offsetting its carbon impact related to offices in order to get “CO2 neutral” labelled. In 2020, Credendo asked CO2logic to renew its strong CO2 neutrality commitment.



Credendo is measuring its carbon footprint since 2010, and has managed to reduce it by almost one third since then. It engaged in a long-term process but Credendo employees are aware that they cannot cancel all their emissions. Credendo therefore decided to compensate those emissions by supporting a project in Ghana that aims at reducing CO2 emissions over there. All these actions, combined and implemented locally to directly reduce their impact and globally through the support to the certified cookstoves project in Ghana, made them earn the label – which they are obviously very proud of.

Sector: Public