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Context: Belgium, 2007-2014


Challenge: To calculate, reduce and offset the CO₂-emissions on various sites Holcim has in Belgium (Izegem, Leffe, Brussels) in order to become CO₂-neutral


Partnership: Holcim produces and delivers several products for the building sector as well as public works, the concrete industry and prefabricates. The company installed an extensive CSR-policy and CO2logic offers since many years support to develop Holcim’s environmental pillar. To achieve this, CO2logic mapped the CO₂-balance of various sites and quarries, and an increasing amount of measures were taken to reduce current emissions and to go for climate-friendly energy solutions. The quarry in Leffe for example, was able to reduce emissions per produced ton of granulates with 20% over 10 years, while further reducing another 27% due to the switch to green electricity.


Results: besides energy-saving measures, Holcim is looking at various opportunities to reduce its impact on the climate: for example, some unutilized parts of working sites are being integrated into nature reserves so that protected flora and fauna get more living space. The company also looks forward to rendering its most important sites CO₂-neutral. To achieve this, CO2logic has been setting up projects in developing countries, helping local communities to reduce their emissions. Examples of such projects are: provide access to efficient woodstoves, invest in sustainable power plants, sustainable waste management, etc. 

Sector: Services