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A GhG management solution designed for small and medium enterprises


On May the 26th, CO2logic launched its brand-new service aiming to help SMEs to calculate, reduce, govern and offset their CO2 emissions towards CO2 neutrality. The ambition is to help SMEs to make their business in line with planetary boundaries and EU ambitions.
As SMEs represent the backbone of the European economy, we leverage our 14 years of experience to increase our positive impact and usher our clients to a low carbon economy.
Cloud-based and highly intelligent, this service builds upon 4 different blocks over 13 weeks. It mixes pooled and individual support sessions which guarantee a balance between efficiency and intimacy. At the end of this, our clients are equipped with a GhG management strategy that gives insights on their emissions, help them in taking actions and sets clear reduction targets. It is all about implementing the right tools for a robust, integrated and competitive solution

  • if you believe that SMEs must also take responsibility for their negative externalities instead of shifting them to society and future generations.
  • If you want to become more resilient and open to new market opportunities.
  • If you want to attract people with purposeful aspirations, products & services.
  • If you want to anticipate carbon related operational risks and implement an effective carbon and cost reduction plan.
  • If your answers are falling short and repetitive when your stakeholders are asking about your sustainable efforts.
  • If you want to have your climate efforts recognised and validated by a third-party certifier


It is time to embark on the CO2-neutral journey designed for SMEs by CO2logic. Further information via