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One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is how to integrate climate change into their strategic planning. The SME climate program will help you develop a credible and ambitious climate transition plan, tailored to your business needs.

A fast-track program designed for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to make a commitment to the climate transition


Designed for small- and medium-sized companies that are starting or progressing in their climate approach, the SME climate program offers a 4-month calendar of events, mixing group training sessions and individual application sessions with expert support on climate and environmental issues during the first year. As our accompaniment is long-term, over the following years, a lighter, follow-up program is provided to further empower your team members.



At the end of this program, you will have defined your integrated climate strategy, including a detailed calculation of your carbon footprint, main reduction targets, climate contribution strategies, and communication plan. If all requirements are met, you can also receive the CO2 Neutral label.


Our team of experts will support you from the beginning to the end of the process, ensuring that your company continues to move toward sustainable growth. Furthermore, your team will be empowered with essential knowledge to enhance your sustainability journey. The SME climate program also allows you to connect with your peers and companies in other industries to share best practices and improve your performance metrics, gaining different perspectives. 


 To learn more about the SME climate program, you can download our brochure


So, are you interested in the SME climate program? Contact our team so that we can register you for our next session!

Florence Cattoir

Climate Solution and CO2 Neutral label manager

Let's build a more sustainable economy together. Join our SME climate program today!