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+71.000 cookstoves installed in the first 7 months of 2017, thank you !


Today we have passed a milestone of 100.000 tonnes of CO2 (for 2017) that are being prevented to enter into the atmosphere. These important CO2-reductions are achieved through a few climate projects (cookstoves, water, trees,…) but mainly through efficient cookstove climate projects. The reductions achieved are equivalent to the distribution of 71.000 cookstoves for this year only. Most climate projects today help people (3bn people around the world still cook with wood or charcoal) reduce the wood or charcoal needed during cooking time, whether it is for food or boiling for clean water. These projects tackle “black carbon” issues creating important climate benefits & positively impacting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is good to plant trees but it is even better to combine it with avoiding deforestation. 



So by becoming “CO2-Neutral” for your company, productions, products, services… you help supporting certified climate projects that would not happen without your support. We thank you for your trust, the positive evolutions and for your recurring contribution.



Again, thanks to your contributions we can keep developing new solid climate projects that are traceable, additional & certifiable to offer the highly needed guarantees that you are contributing to credible climate action.


The CO2logic team.