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CO2logic cherishes long-term relationships with its clients, partners & stakeholders. CO2logic attaches a lot of importance to loyalty, honesty and coherence. Everything evolves and changes but our values are your unmovable guarantee for excellence.


CO2logic was the first organization in Belgium (and among the pioneers in Europe) to lead its clients towards CO2-Neutrality (calculate, reduce & offset) while developing high quality certified climate projects. The lead we have on other advisors is constantly sustained through specialized training and international cooperation. Keep an eye on our next moves…


CO2logic advisors walk the talk. Since 2007 we commute using a mix of public transport & foldable Brompton bicycles. It is crucial for us to be authentic & coherent with what we say and do in order to be credible.


It’s good to be passionate about the environment and it is good to be coherent but unless we offer professional client-driven added value services we will not be sustainable ourselves.  Our experienced team and continuous training ensure our expertise.


The CO2logic team is much appreciated for its passion. Each new issue is approached with the same drive.. We live it, we love it and we deliver for you.


Your environmental challenge is our challenge. A relationship based on trust and cooperation will allow our advisors to come up with the right sustainability solutions & actions to reduce impacts & costs. 


CO2logic works according to the most stringent standards & methodologies and has its CO2 neutral processes approved and validated by an independent third party auditor.


Besides an environmental objective, CO2logic also has a social objective. Our aim is to train, teach and give back to society through climate & educational projects.

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world” Gandhi