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B-Better® is a brand of functional waters that contain all the ingredients contributing to your wellbeing. In addition to being a functional drink with a positive impact on the consumer, B-Better® also has the ambition to support and help consumers to do better for our planet. As a first step, the brand chose a packaging that guarantees 66% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional PET bottles*. To be more ambitious, B-Better® also started a relationship with CO2logic at the end of 2020 to make its waters CO2 neutral.  

To achieve this, CO2logic first assessed the climate impact of B-Better® functional waters over their entire life cycle by calculating their carbon footprint. Through this analysis, improvement possibilities have been identified to help B-Better® reducing its products impact over the next few years.  The brand also decided to support a project to build wells in rural Uganda in order to offset the remaining CO2 emissions and to make its waters CO2 neutral. This project is fully in line with the brand's aim and objectives as, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it will contribute to improving the well-being of the local people. 

*Source: ifeu - Life Cycle Assessment of B-better pakc and competing PET bottles for packed still water on the Benelux market 

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