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Climetrics: World's first climate rating for equity funds launched


The world’s first climate impact rating for funds, Climetrics, launched in July, enabling investors to more easily integrate climate impact into investment decisions.  


The rating – symbolized by green leaves “issued” on a scale of one to five– will enable investors to gauge and compare the climate impact of investments in funds and potentially encourage growth in climate-responsible fund products.  


The equity fund market – worth more than €3 trillion in Europe – could be a significant lever for mitigating climate change. But, despite fast-growing institutional and customer demand for climate-conscious investing, to-date no rating system has allowed investors to compare funds’ climate-related impacts.   


Climetrics bridges this gap, uniquely rating each fund on the climate change impact of its portfolio holdings, as well as on the asset manager's own application of climate impact as an investment and governance factor.  


Climetrics is backed by international climate specialists: CDP, the global not-for-profit holding the most comprehensive set of corporate environmental data, and ISS-EthixClimate Solutions, part of the responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc.


Top-rated funds can be found for free on


If you want to know more about the climate impact of your investment portfolio and how to reduce it, please contact Eric Dierckx (