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CO2-Neutral label for Paradise City, We Can Dance & Pukkelpop


If one takes a non-eco conscious festival with approximately 45.000 visitors or more over a few days (e.g. 15.000 per day) then their average CO2 emissions would be around 1500 tonnes of CO2e for those 3 days. This is equivalent to 8.333.333 km with average Belgian car, 208 times around the world with an average car, 312 years of heating an average Belgian house, 75 Belgian's total annual CO2 emissions, 280 Belgian families annual energy consumption, 1.136 ton of paper used, 36.000.000 hours of watching television, 1.500.000 showers taken…                                                       

As there are many festivals during summertime, attracting hundreds thousands of people  it is an ideal place to inspire and inform people about their impacts & how festivals do to reduce it.

There are still too many festivals doing very little but luckily more and more festivals are integrating sustainable development as key values. Here are a few examples:

Paradise City, We Can Dance & Pukkelpop… have a clear vision and approach towards sustainable development.


We invite you to visit their sustainability pages:

and actions taken to reduce their CO2 emissions and impact through the use of green power, carpooling, public transport, UBERpool, cycling, vegetarian food, reusable glasses,…


As a guarantee for real climate action they also offset their remaining climate impact by supporting climate projects in developing countries. By doing so they have obtained the CO2-neutral label for the calculated scope & impacts. The more they do for climate the more accessible the label becomes.