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The idea to found CO2logic was born in 2004 after asking myself a simple question: “What can I do to reduce my climate impact?” On paper CO2logic is 10 years old on the 3rd of January 2017. This ten-year journey would not have been possible without our clients’ trust and dedication. Yes, thanks to YOUR confidence in our expertise we have been working side by side to reduce your climate impact. Of course, it also would not have been imaginable without the great team that we have put together over the years. So THANK YOU


Some of the stuff we have achieved over the past ten years:


1)      Worked with many happy climate partners, commonly known as ‘clients’ ;-)

2)      Created many partnerships between organisations, NGOs, universities and public entities

3)      Built a great team with pioneering, unique and fresh expertise

4)      So far advised +100 organisations in Belgium, Europe and USA

5)      Reduced +400.000 tonnes of CO2 via climate projects

6)      Reduced +500.000 tonnes of CO2 with our climate partners and clients

7)      Created a ‘CO2-NEUTRAL’-label to enable the identification of climate responsible companies, which is now also validated by Vinçotte !

8)      We are the only CDP-accredited provider for the Benelux for four years now

9)      Supported many climate projects in India, Nepal, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Benin, Burkina Faso…

10)   Co-developed the first ever Gold Standard certified climate project in Burkina Faso, Africa

11)   Co-developed the first ever Gold Standard certified climate project in Benin, Africa

12)   Currently co-developing the first reforestation & cookstove Gold Standard certified climate project in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

13)   Currently co-developing the first Plan Vivo certified climate project in Burkina Faso

14)   Launched Naturalogic in 2014 to address Natural Capital issues - Keep an eye on it!

15)   Launched CO2logic Inc. in New York City in May 2016

16)   Launched Greentripper in November 2016, allowing people also to give back to nature while they travel

17)   Convinced (and still convincing) many, many organisations to let us calculate and reduce their climate impact

18)   Five precious awards - We could chase more but we are no awards hunters ;-)

19)   Travelled on all possible railways in Belgium and the Netherlands, Paris, London and NYC on our Bromptons

20)   A few participations to the Brompton World Championships in Oxfordshire - one with a huge hangover ;-)

21)   Travelled more than one million km on our bicycles in Belgium and abroad

22)   …



Our ambition for the coming ten years:

1)      Propose “Credible Climate Action” and nothing else!

2)      Reinforce CO2logic as one of the international references in climate advisory & climate project development

3)      Remain discrete yet efficient Belgian climate pioneers

4)      Safeguard and improve our identity and values 

5)      Safeguard and increase the quality of our services

6)      From 2017 we will reduce > 200.000 tonnes of CO2 a year through climate projects, over a 10 year period this is equivalent to 1,5% of the Belgian CO2 emissions

7)      Between 2017 and 2027 raise between 20-50m€ of offsetting revenues for climate projects in developing countries with our climate partners

8)      Continue to blossom 

9)      Give back and inspire more 

10)   Lots of plans but some are confidential for the moment, sorry. But if you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to know. Trust us, it will be worth it!


Team CO2logic