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CO2logic welcomes Benoît Quittre as new CEO


To meet the growing demand for solutions enabling the transition to a low carbon economy, CO2logic decides to consolidate their organization and bring complementary skills on board.


Benoît will bring passion and experience. His profile and educational background are particularly well suited for the CO2logic mission. He earned a Business Degree from HEC in Liège in 1985, and then a Master's in Environmental Sciences and Management from UCL in 2017, a period during which his path crossed with CO2logic.


Benoît will bring to bear his many years of experience in international corporations, having worked in the pharmaceutical industry in business management positions at Astra Zeneca in Belgium and Austria and in general management at Shire for France and Benelux. Since 2017, he has been Board Director at ISSOL, the Belgian pioneer in building integrated photovoltaics, and Treasurer of the “Campus de la Transition”, a start-up educational, research and experimentation institution located south of Paris.


« Given the environmental and social challenges of our civilisation, corporations are an essential lever for transformation, but they have to reinvent themselves, move from performance to resilience. Joining CO2logic is my way to contribute and help the business world embark on the path to low carbon economy, so as to regain a society where life is sustainable » - Benoît Quittre, Chief Executive Officer at CO2logic


In his new role as CEO, Benoît aims at raising the organization of CO2logic to the next level of efficiency and innovation. He will lead the teams and provide them with resources required to bring you solutions on your path to CO2-Neutrality.


Antoine Geerinckx -previous CEO and founder of CO2logic- continues his commitment to CO2logic. He will focus on the development of new projects and partnerships, while remaining the gate keeper of the purpose and values of CO2logic.


« When you come across someone who can better manage the operations and meet today’s needs of CO2logic, you must seize the opportunity. This will enable me to focus on new projects and strategic partnerships. I have complete confidence in Benoît because we have the same values. » - Antoine Geerinckx founder of CO2logic


If you would like to find out more about the organization or the new CEO, please do not hesitate to contact Benoît ( , Antoine ( or to speak directly to your regular contact person at CO2logic.


Surrounded by its teams, CO2logic reaffirms their motto, namely: “to fight against climate change and its environmental, social and economic implications.”