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Since 2018 CO2logic has been working closely with Delhaize Belgium to support the retailer in setting its CO2 neutrality strategy. The aim of the project was to validate the carbon footprint and to assess the positive impact of the many reduction projects it was: 1) already implementing and 2) still considering. This brought us to actively work together with various teams at Delhaize as well as the management to set the premises of what would become the climate pillar of the current Lion’s Footprint strategy (Less CO2, Less plastic, Less food waste). Between 2018 and 2020, Delhaize managed to reduce its climate impact with more than 40% (-70% since 2008) thanks to, among other actions: a switch to 100% renewable electricity contracts and installation of PV panels on distribution centers, a chemical refrigerants phase out, relighting projects, CHP installations and many more.


Of course, there would and will on a yearly basis still remain a volume of currently incompressible CO2 emissions, but Delhaize has decided to take its responsibilities and to start offsetting the remaining climate impact by supporting certified climate projects in several countries (Peru, Ghana, Rwanda). In 2020 a first step has been achieved where all remaining emissions related to all their supermarkets in Belgium have been offset to obtain the CO2 Neutral Supermarkets label. It is as such the first large retailer in Belgium to have achieved CO2 neutrality on such an extensive boundary. We are very proud to work together with Delhaize which currently continues to commit towards reducing its climate impact (in its operations and its value chain) and supporting climate projects.

Sector: Food & Beverage