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First CO2 neutral ACP site


The originally Belgian ACP was established in 1987. ACP recovers, purifies and compresses CO2 from all sorts of CO2 emissions. The purified CO2 is used in numerous processes, particularly in the food industry. ACP is present in Belgium (registered office), France, Poland, Germany and Ukraine.


ACP has been working together with CO2logic on calculating and reducing CO2 emissions. In so doing, we take account of the production sites and the full logistics chain. In the meantime extensive work is being done to reduce emissions. In the specific site in Carboheim, France, energy consumption has been reduced by adapting the dryers, and by installing frequency controlled motors for blowers and compressors. They moreover managed to limit CO2 even further by adjusting the hoses.


To top it all, ACP has now decided to offset the remaining emissions of Carboheim by supporting the Paradigm project in Kenya.  ACP Carboheim’s CO2 production is CO2 neutral henceforth.