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Green Sahel, the first Plan Vivo certified climate project in Burkina Faso


CO2logic is proud to announce it managed to have the “Green Sahel” climate project certified by Plan Vivo. It is the first certified project of its kind in Burkina Faso. The “Green Sahel” climate project is a unique project with important co-benefits for the local populations. This climate project addresses a degrading biodiversity & agricultural situation leading to desertification, hunger and migration. The project applies clever yet simple agricultural restauration techniques in close collaboration with the local rural communities giving another chance to grass, plants and trees. It regenerates flora allowing fauna to return and improves the life of the Sahel Burkinabè.



The project also contributes to the GREAT GREEN WALL INITIATIVE, an international action that puts a stop to the advancement of the Sahara desert (desertification) by building a green wall of plants and trees in the Sahel region across Senegal, Mali, Burkina, Benin, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan,… The project contributes to many SDGs and is the result of solid collaborations between different NGOs & Development Agencies (LuxDev, Reach Italia, AGED).


We are proud to share the website with you in order to give an idea of what we have been doing at CO2logic in the last 11 years.


For more information:

Plan Vivo certification: of-the- sahel-reach- burkina-faso/