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IT’S A FIRST: The Sequoia organic store chain becomes the first 100% carbon neutral retail food chain


Ø The carbon neutrality of Sequoia is self-evident for the pioneer of organic foods, and an unprecedented initiative in its sector
Ø The choice of concrete investments in agroforestry projects full of meaning in Belgium and abroad


Brussels – As of next year, the Sequoia organic store chain will be a carbon neutral company. As of 2020, all 10 current stores, as well as the registered office in Uccle, will no longer leave any CO2 footprint, without any corrective measure to reach carbon neutrality, i.e. a balance between generated CO2 emissions and the reduced CO2 emissions locally and globally. This will make Sequoia the first retail food chain to reach this ambitious objective.


“To assume fully our DNA as an organic pioneer for more than 30 years, it made sense for us to take fully our responsibility for the protection of the climate. And given the climate emergency with which we are faced, it was important for us to act at once,” explains Nicolas Dhaene, Managing Director of Sequoia.


To reach CO2 neutrality rapidly and efficiently, Sequoia undertakes to offset all its CO2 emissions, whether from  buildings (operation of its stores: lighting, refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, etc), the transport of goods to the stores (deliveries by supplies), as well as consumables (packaging, etc.) or the home-to-work commute of its employees.