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Context: Belgium, 2007-


Challenge: To measure, reduce and offset the company’s CO₂-emission in order to become CO₂-neutral


Partnership: Jet-Import imports and distributes a wide range of drinks such as Carpe Diem, Bionade, Red Bull, Corona, Desperados, Heineken, Strongbow… In 2007, CO2loigc already calculated its CO₂-footprint to improve the energy efficiency of the truck fleet. During the following period, the company invested in the switch to green energy as well as the application of compressed natural gas (CNG) for its vehicles to reduce the remaining footprint as much as possible.


Results: Five years after the initial energy audit, a new measurement was made by CO2loigc. Although the amount of hectoliters sold had increased with 47%, the CO₂-emissions per hectoliter had diminished by 12%, which provided huge costs and energy savings per hectoliter. The remaining footprint was offset using a Gold Standard project that provides Ugandan families access to efficient woodstoves. This project prevents both deforestation and child mortality while providing the local population with jobs and cost savings. 

Sector: Services