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Matthys Wines is a CO2-NEUTRAL company.


Matthys Wines is a CO2-NEUTRAL company.


In a sclerotic wine scene, trendsetting is at stake and this is why Matthys Wines is sourcing, in the most open-minded way, wines with authenticity from up to 100 wine estates, from over 30 countries. All wines are purchased on a direct basis across the globe. No exceptions! This unique wine specialist discovers & enjoys to share the most marvelous wines in the most unknown and remote corners of the wine world.


In the same spirit of trendsetting, they wanted to lead the climate action trend in their market and become CO2-NEUTRAL. CO2logic made an in-depth study of Matthys Wines’ carbon footprint and are now proud to be certified.


Foremost, it was really important to have a carbon footprint report from an advisory organisation such as CO2logic. To achieve CO2-Neutrality Matthys Wines wanted their efforts to be controlled & validated by an independent third party certification entity. It is important to note that if transport is done efficiently a wine from Australia (shipped) might be less polluting than one sourced from Southern Spain (with trucks).


To compensate their carbon footprint, Matthys Wines has selected a project in the Sierra de Lacandón in Guatemala.