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New cookstove project aims to help 25,000 rural households in Burkina Faso


Last month, CO2logic launched two new improved cookstove projects in Burkina Faso, together with its local partners. Those new projects have the ambition to distribute the so-called “Foyer à trois pierres amélioré (F3PA)” technology to nearly 25,000 households within 3 provinces of the country. The F3PA is an efficient cookstove technology allowing to reduce by half the wood fuel quantity used for domestic cooking compared to traditional open fire stoves.

The first project “F3PA/Center-South” will be implemented within 7 municipalities in the provinces of Zoundwéogo and Nahouri. It is executed together with the local Association Tiipaalga which has an extensive experience when it comes to improved cookstoves projects. Together with CO2logic, they launched similar projects in other parts of the country (provinces of Bam, Loroum and Kourwéogo). The second project “F3PA/Passoré” targets the Province of Passoré in the North Region and is a new collaboration between CO2logic, the Belgian association Solidagro and the local partner “The Association for the Protection of the Environment and Rural Development” (APEDR).


Wood fuel remains the primary source of energy for the households in rural Burkina Faso.  This dependance contributes to the increasing desertification of the rural landscapes and this problematic does not spare the provinces covered by the project. The distribution of F3PA among the households of the municipalities of the provinces will allow to reduce the quantity of wood needed for cooking and therefore the CO2 emissions emitted during the combustion. Those reduction will allow the projects to beneficiate from carbon finance under the Gold Standard certification. They will be listed as 11 Voluntary Project Activities (VPA) (7 for the “F3PA/Center-South” and 4 for the project “F3PA/Passoré”) under the existing Program of Activities (PoA) GS1340 – Efficient cookstoves in Burkina Faso. In addition to the positive environmental impacts, the F3PA has further benefits such as the reduction of the time required for the women for the wood collection and a drop of harmful smokes compared to traditional three stones open fires.


To initiate the two new projects, local stakeholder’s consultations were held prior to the start of the project to inform the participants about the different aspects of the projects and gather their feedback and comments about it. The local communities were enthused by the new F3PA projects; the construction of the first cookstoves started in the first semester of 2021.


CO2logic is proud to be an active participant for the implementation of those new projects which will have positive impact for the rural populations of Burkina Faso. We cannot wait to share the next steps of the projects with you!