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NGroup - the only CO2 neutral media group in Belgium


For many years, NGroup makes daily efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. the company has been certified “CO2-Neutral” since 2014 and is recognized, to date, as the only CO2-Neutral media group in Belgium.


303 tonnes of CO2 offset in 2019
For the 6th consecutive year, aware of its carbon emissions, our media group is participating in climate projects certified to offset its ecological footprint. In 2019, NGroup thus offset 303 tonnes of CO2.

Géraldine Deleuse, head of the ECO-TEAM NGroup group:

"NGroup works with the Belgian company CO2logic. It helps us reduce our impact on the planet by calculating our CO2 expenses, reducing them and compensating for non-reducible expenses. It is a daily attention of all our collaborators. Thanks to this joint effort, our CO2 expenses have been reducedby 25% since 2014. We hope to make other companies aware of this essential action for the safeguard of our beautiful planet! ".


A compensation project chosen by our staff
The staff of our company selected the compensation project themselves: it is "SAFE WATER SUPPLY" in Eritrea. The program ensures the provision of drinking water to 11,000 homes using wellbore technology. A positive impact in terms of health, the fight against global warming and the preservation of the ecosystem.

NGroup and all its teams will continue their efforts in 2020 to further reduce their footprint…