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Context: Flanders (Tielt), Belgium, 2015


Challenge: to audit offices, production facilities and depos while mapping energy-saving possibilities.


Partnership: Seyntex is a high-tech company that develops, produces and tests specialized work clothing. The company services both private and public clients (police, fire department, defense) who demand high standards concerning product durability and manufacturing process. All the company departments finding themselves on one area, require large amounts of energy. Seyntex partnered up with CO2logic to map CO2-emissions & energy-saving measures and to make sure these will provide return on investment.


Results: Based on the Carbon Footprint & an EPC-contract, CO2logic thoroughly analyzed the Seyntex premises to identify the major energy-consuming devices. It was made obvious that heating and other heat-intensive processes could be rendered more efficient. By investing in efficient insulation, an optimized monitoring system and a demand-driven heating of machines and buildings, Seyntex was able to reduce up to 25% of its gas use, an investment that has a ROI of less than four years.

Sector: Services