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CO2logic has been chosen to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment of Valvert’s water bottles. The aim of the analysis was to give the company a full insight into its products’ impact on the environment, but also to assist Valvert in the identification of the most relevant improvement possibilities, which would lead to significant environmental benefits.

A “cradle-to-grave” LCA has been carried out, including all life cycle stages from the raw materials production to the end-of-life treatment. Benefits and loads beyond the system have also been assessed.

The results are very encouraging, due to the efforts of Valvert over the last years. In particular, the bottles are already made out of 100% recycled PET, allowing a reduction of the impacts on climate change by a factor of three, compared with 100 % virgin PET bottles.

The LCA also highlighted the effect of the bottles’ volume on the final results, since the smaller bottles have a higher ratio of packaging to water and therefore a higher impact on the environment for one liter of water, compared with bigger bottles. Concrete actions have been proposed to reduce the gap, and the resulting environmental benefits have been assessed.

While Valvert continues its efforts to reduce its impact, the company has opted for carbon neutrality and now offsets its remaining greenhouse gases emissions by supporting CO2logic’s climate project in Kenya.

Sector: Food & Beverage