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Context: Belgium (Leuven), 2014


Challenge: To map, reduce and offset both the direct as well as the indirect CO₂-emissions of an environmentally friendly printing house


Partnership: Van Der Poorten is a company that invested strongly in infrastructure in the early 21st century, while integrating ecological methods. By using its own solar panels in combination with green energy, by working with bio ink and delivering with electric cars, the printing house has already made a strong claim towards CO₂-neutrality. To really be able to provide climate-neutral printing, CO2logic orchestrated an offsetting project for both the direct emissions (car fleet, production) as well as indirect emissions (energy, consumables).


Results: in order to compensate the remaining CO₂-emissions, the printing house is supporting The Paradigm Project in Kenia, providing families with healthy, ecological and efficient woodstoves to cook on. One stove provides: 33 conserved threes, 1300 hours saved to spend on important tasks (and not gathering wood), so that one family can save up to $280 and reduce its CO₂-emissions  by 70% annually.


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