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WDP wins entrepreneur of the year® 2017 award


WDP, logistics market leader in the Benelux region, brings home the Entrepreneur of the Year® 2017 award, succeeding Vyncke in this distinction. WDP beat out tanker shipping company Euronav and Armonea, specialising in residential care and services, in the final round. 


The winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year® must win the panel of judges over in three areas: innovative entrepreneurship, sound financial position and the boldness and determination to continue to grow. 


WDP’s co-CEO Joost Uwents is thrilled with this honour, ”based on our creation of Warehouses with Brains for clients and shareholders, thanks to #TeamWDP”. ”And our dynamic mindset to go 'against the grain’ from time to time”, beams coCEO Tony De Pauw. 


Both CEOs view this recognition not only as a distinction for our own company, but also for the entire sector of listed real estate companies. Property companies like WDP are commercial enterprises, not merely passive funds. 


The Entrepreneur of the Year® is an award with a strong national and international image. The winner represents Belgium at 'The EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Event'.


CO2logic is a proud partner of WDP for sustainability issues.