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Happy New Year!




This was CO2logic in 2017, this was possible thanks to YOU 

a very intensive year with important realisations & achievements 



  • 26.250.000 $ of co-benefits / SDG-benefits created in developing countries and globally for climate
  • 625.000 people positively impacted by the certified climate projects
  • 175.000 tonnes of CO2 reduced through certified climate projects (mainly in Africa)*
  • 15.000 ha of avoided deforestation
  • 7.000 ha of reforestation
  • 38.000 collaborations with farmers & smallholders
  • 10 partner NGO’s 



  • 11 years of climate advisory (Carbon Footprints, CO2-Neutrality, Life Cycle Assessments, CDP, SBT, Natural Capital, EPD’s…)
  • First ever Gold Standard certified energy efficiency & reforestation climate project in RDC (Congo)
  • First ever Gold Standard validated climate project in Benin
  • First ever Plan Vivo certified climate project in Burkina Faso
  • Very concrete contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the offsetting of CO2 emissions & development of climate projects…)



  • A team 11 people still traveling by train & bicycle 99% of the time 
  • Independent control & validation by Vinçotte and Forum Ethibel



  • Launch > 3 new unique & certified climate projects in Africa 
  • Launch a new service & company to address another urgent & crucial pollution issue (stay tuned)
  • Roll-out more important CO2 reduction actions with clients
  • Start the communication of a few major “CO2-neutral” partners-clients
  •  …


*equivalent to the emissions of the energy consumption of 32.500 Belgian families.