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Challenge: To consolidate the environmental pillar of Lotus’ triple bottom line to reduce energy use and to obtain CO₂-neutrality while maintaining an annual decrease of energy use of 2%


Partnership: The Belgian biscuit producer Lotus Bakeries attaches great importance to its slogan “Care for today – respect for tomorrow” and applies it to its sites worldwide. To reinforce its environmental aspect, CO2logic was asked to assess efficiency benchmarks per country, per site and per type of CO₂-emission source in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Sweden. Based on a mapping of risks and opportunities related to CO₂-reduction, CO2logic proposed several quick wins linked to energy reduction.


Results: Over time several measures were taken to reduce CO₂-emissions per tonne of produce considerably: installing roof insulation and solar panels, and replacing previous heating systems with more powerful and efficient ones, thus reducing the energy consumption. Moreover, by applying new settings, production lines were rendered more efficient and usage controlled. Lotus procures now also green electricity only to meet its remaining demand. All these measures led to the reduction of scope of 1 and 2 (on-site) emissions per tonne of produced product by 32% within a short time. This includes sites in Belgium and the US.

Sector: Food & Beverage