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Context: Belgium/Flanders, 2012


Challenge: to assess the possibilities how the Flemish Government can become climate neutral on short and long term.


Partnership: To learn how the Department of Environment, Nature and Energy can become climate neutral, CO2logic was asked to calculate the CO₂-footprint of several building belonging to the department. To achieve this, the emissions of scope 1 and 2 (direct emissions) as well as the aspect of mobility under scope 3 (indirect emissions) were taken into account. The obtained data aimed at providing an assessment of the complete infrastructure of the Department, as well as scenarios how the Flemish Government could reach CO₂-neutrality.


Results: Thanks to a customized calculating tool, CO2logic was able to map a detailed carbon scale of all the premises. CO2logic also proposed several reduction measures taking the energy mix and prices as well as fuel costs into account. These proposals were elaborated into scenarios estimating a carbon reduction of 20% (without offsetting) up to 100% (including offsetting) by 2020. The calculations showed that the Flemish government will need to show determination to become CO₂-neutral after 2020,but thanks to the imposed reduction measures the obtained financial savings will be largely sufficient  to offset the remaining emissions. 

Sector: Services